So close! Chris Brown rejected a plea deal for his misdemeanor assault case on Wednesday, June 25, after the singer and prosecutors disagreed about what happened the night of his arrest.

Brown, 25, was arrested last October and subsequently charged with misdemeanor assault when he was accused of hitting a man during a scuffle in D.C. After spending one night in jail and serving time in California for violating probation, Brown was released in early June.

According to the Associated Press, Brown rejected a deal to plead guilty, offered to him by prosecutor Kevin Chambers. The Grammy winner would have received a sentence of time served had talks been successful.

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His attorney Mark J. Geragos told the AP that neither party could agree on the events which occurred outside of the W hotel when the scuffle took place. "They wanted him to read from a script that wasn't true," Geragos told the AP. "If they want a trial, that's what they'll get."

Brown's trial has been scheduled for Sept. 8.