Maybe Jimmy Fallon should try his hand at flip cup instead? Diane Keaton appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday, April 29, where she played the show host in a beer pong match gone awry.

"It's simple, the ball lands in your cup, you chug the wine," Fallon told the audience -- including a mildly confused Keaton -- of how the beloved drinking game works.

"What happens in yours?" the Oscar winner, 68, asked.

"If it lands in mine," explained Fallon, 39. "I'm going to chug the wine, as well."

"So you're gonna drink, too?" Keaton adorably inquired.

"Yeah!" Fallon responded incredulously, while throwing in some smack talk. "No, no I'm not actually. You're gonna drink," he said pointing to his opponent.

The Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty author went first and ended up chucking the ping pong balls at Fallon. Sadly, none landed into the cup.

With his first attempt in swift motion, beer pong pro Fallon tossed his ball nearly into a cup, when Keaton intercepted it with glee.

"I win!" yelled Keaton, "I caught it with my bare hand! You're a bad loser!"

The rest of the match got real wild. Watch here!