Kate Gosselin Refuses to Give Daughter Water

Fans of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 know Kate Gosselin can be a strict mother.

But a newly surfaced video shows just how stern she can really be. In shocking footage (posted on YouTube Thursday -- the day before she and Jon celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary), Kate sits with her eight kids as they prepare to do a television interview with Access Hollywood in January. The kids complain they're thirsty. "I want a drink!" Mady yells. "I haven't had a drink all day."

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Kate ignores her. "Mom, I'm going to get dehydrated!" Mady goes on. Kate dismisses her: "Yes, me too."

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Kate then orders a bottle of water. But instead of offering her daughter a sip, the mom of 8 takes a quick chug. "I need a drink now!" Mady pleads. Kate tells her to "be quiet," prompting Mady to cry, "You're really, really mean!"

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