Lawyer: Molestation Charges Vs. Shane Sparks "Wreak of Opportunism"

Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Shane Sparks has been released on $590,000 bail after his Friday arrest for nine counts of child molestation. A judge on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and a So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Sparks is accused of molesting an underage girl back in 1994.

Steve Meister, Sparks' criminal defense lawyer, tells that Sparks is "an innocent man. He is wrongly accused." Meister goes on to suggest his client is being extorted: "This entire case wreaks of opportunism and exploitation and it stinks to high heaven."

"The timing of these accusations is incredibly suspicious," the lawyer adds. "It's easy to make something up when it happened 15 years ago and there's no evidence to support it."

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While Meister describes Sparks as a "strong person and a solid person," he admits that that dance star is "very shaken by all of this. [He] is resolute and committed to proving his innocence."