Inmates "Pissy" Lindsay Lohan Gets "Special Treatment" in Jail

Celebrity News Jul. 22, 2010 AT 9:41AM
Inmates "Pissy" Lindsay Lohan Gets "Special Treatment" in Jail Credit: LASD

Maybe Lindsay Lohan's new prison digs aren't so depressing after all.

A fellow inmate at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif. claims that the newly-incarcerated starlet is getting "special treatment" and a "special room" during her stay -- and her new neighbors are none too pleased.

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"She's getting special treatment," Debra Sickels, a recently-released prisoner in contact with other inmates told New York's Daily News. "Some inmates were getting pissy over it."

What kind of special treatment? "The girls said they cleaned a special room for Lindsay. It had a regular hospital bed, a TV and a dresser for her new clothes and socks."

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Other just-released Lynwood inmates claimed that Lohan is shelling out for even more perks: special food, new clothes, a female guard and private phone access.

But a spokesman for L.A.'s sheriff's department insists "She's being treated like any other inmate in her classification. There's no special treatment at all."

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Sentenced for violating her probation, Lohan was escorted to her 12-by-8 cell on Tuesday. Inmates said she was "calm" but "crying" as other prisoners cheered her on. She will live in isolation 23 hours a day in her cell for the next two weeks for violating probation in her DUI case. (She was originally sentenced to 90 days in the slammer.)

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