#MakeupTransformation Meme Goes Viral: See Some of Our Favorites!

Celebrity News Aug. 14, 2014 AT 8:00PM
Gianfranco Blanco does a make-up transformation How to Become Tangled's Flynn Rider Credit: Courtesy of Gianfranco Blanco, Twitter: @FrancoBlancoTho

Voila! The latest Internet craze is #MakeupTransformations, a step-by-step parody of how to apply makeup to look like a celebrity.  

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Riffing on makeup contouring tutorials and drastic before and after photos, #MakeupTransformations show the person contouring their face (and/or putting on accessories known to the celebrity they're becoming), with the final result being a famous person instead. 

How to Become Lindsay Lohan
How to Become Lindsay Lohan
Credit: Courtesy of T. Kyle MacMahon (Twitter: @tkylemac)

One of the more popular transformations features Flynn Rider, the dashing male lead in Disney's Tangled (pictured above)

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How to Become Mo'Nique in Precious
How to Become Mo'Nique in Precious
Credit: Courtesy of Antonio Price (Instagram: @_tonid)

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Both women and men have gotten in on the fun, turning themselves into celebrites like Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj and Mo'Nique in her Oscar-winning role in Precious, in four simple steps. 

How to Become Nicki Minaj
How to Become Nicki Minaj
Credit: Courtesy @aggy___

Which #MakeupTransformation is your favorite?

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