#MakeupTransformation Meme Goes Viral: See Some of Our Favorites!

How to Become Tangled's Flynn Rider Credit: Courtesy of Gianfranco Blanco, Twitter: @FrancoBlancoTho

Voila! The latest Internet craze is #MakeupTransformations, a step-by-step parody of how to apply makeup to look like a celebrity.  

Riffing on makeup contouring tutorials and drastic before and after photos, #MakeupTransformations show the person contouring their face (and/or putting on accessories known to the celebrity they're becoming), with the final result being a famous person instead. 

One of the more popular transformations features Flynn Rider, the dashing male lead in Disney's Tangled (pictured above)

Both women and men have gotten in on the fun, turning themselves into celebrites like Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj and Mo'Nique in her Oscar-winning role in Precious, in four simple steps. 

Which #MakeupTransformation is your favorite?