Matt Damon: I "Hate" My New 'Stache

Celebrity News Mar. 1, 2010 AT 10:32AM
Matt Damon: I "Hate" My New 'Stache Credit: Jim Spellman/

Matt Damon is dishing on his new 'stache.

"This is for my new movie with the Coen Brothers. We're redoing True Grit," he recently told New York Post columnist Cindy Adams. "I'll show it to them this week. If they like it, fine. If not, I'll try again. I actually hate the thing."

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Damon, 39, debuted the facial fuzz Feb. 25 at the NYC premiere of Green Zone (out March 12), in which he plays a U.S. Army officer on the hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Despite all the stunts, Damon said he went uninjured while shooting.

"Naah," he told Adams when she asked if he had any scratches.

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As for adjusting to life in Morocco (where the flick was filmed)?

"You automatically don't think 'if' when you talk about your tummy getting upset, you think 'when,'" Damon joked.

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Still, he doesn't mind the sometimes hectic world of moviemaking.

"Y'know, this is all I ever wanted to do in life - be a movie actor," he said. "Since I was a kid. My first essay at Harvard I wrote: 'For as long as I've been alive I've wanted to be an actor.'"

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