He did what? Jimmy Fallon persuaded acting legend Morgan Freeman to inhale helium prior to his Tonight Show interview on Thursday, July 24, and the results were amazing!

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Cheeky show host Fallon presented the Lucy actor with a red balloon full of helium gas and gently persuaded the Oscar winner to partake in his little experiment, reenacting a prior helium moment from Freeman’s science documentary series Through the Wormhole.

"I do love your voice and everyone loves your voice," Fallon explained, "but I was wondering what your voice would sound like on helium. I'll do the same interview, I'll just do it on helium," he added, laughing.

Looking more than a little distressed, Freeman reluctantly took the helium balloon while Fallon got ready for the first question.

Taking a deep breath of the balloon's contents the 77-year-old actor fixed Fallon with a hard stare. "I really shouldn't be doing this," he squeaked. "It's very undignified."

Click the link above to watch the fantastically bizarre segment!