See Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Debate Spoofed by Jason Sudeikis, Taran Killam on SNL

Bi-partisan hilarity!

Thursday night's Vice Presidential debate got the Saturday Night Live treatment Oct. 13 -- and neither Joe Biden nor opponent Paul Ryan was spared from mockery.

In a send-up of the incumbent number two's lively war of words with his Republican challenger, Jason Sudeikis played the role of Biden, 69, who was frequently laughing and bellowing throughout Thursday's proceedings, with a smirking Taram Killam (wearing an Eddie Munster-like hairpiece) portraying Mitt Romney's running mate Ryan, 42.

After Ryan's opening statement addressees the deficit, unemployment and other matters, an incredulous Biden bellows: "With all due respect, this is a bunch of malarky!"

When the moderator Martha Raddatz (Kate McKinnon) asks Biden to clarify "malarky," Ryan explains, "Uh, it's Irish."

Counters Biden: "No, no no. Irish is I come over and smack that dumb look off your face!"

Calling his hometown of Scranton, Penn. the "single worst place on Earth," Biden tells Ryan: "You don't scare me, shark eyes!"

Biden also speaks to snapshots of his younger opponent working out and lifting weights. "There's Jim strong, and they're Old Man strong . . . You wanna know my workout? When the AmTrak breaks down in my morning commute, I strip down to my tightey whities, and I push that bitch all the way to Washington! I am monkey strong, brother!"

As Raddatz presses Ryan to give more specifics to the Romney-Ryan plan, Ryan counters, "No. But let me say it again with hand gestures!" (Later in the skit, Ryan quenches his thirst from a vase-sized water glass.)

Pleas Raddatz: "America's small children have asked you to stop looking directly into the lens. Apparently they find it upsetting."

Watch Biden and Ryan get spoofed in this hilarious sketch now!