Sunny Obama Bites Malia Obama’s Friend in the Face During a White House Visit

Sunny Obama Bites Malia Obama’s Friend in the Face During a White House Visit

An unexpected Obama is making headlines this week. Sunny Obama, one of the First Family’s beloved pooches, bit an 18-year-old White House visitor on the cheek on Monday, January 9, after the young woman leaned down to pet and kiss the 4-year-old pup.

According to TMZ, the female Portuguese Water Dog left a gash under the girl’s right eye, leading her to spend time in the president’s physician’s office. In several Snapchat clips that she shared Monday, the unnamed friend can be seen getting stitches for the gash with Malia Obama smiling in the background.

“Malia thinks it’s funny,” the girl captioned one Snapchat photo, writing on another image of herself looking distressed, “I f--king hate Sunny.” Afterward, the pal showed off a Band-Aid under her eye and a huge smile after receiving medical care.

TMZ reports that the girl was upset when she learned that the stitches would leave a small scar.

The Obama family also play pet parents to an elder, male Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, who they welcomed into the White House in 2008. (President Barack Obama had promised Malia, now 18, and Sasha, now 15, that he would get them a dog if he won the election.) They brought Sunny into their home in August 2013. 

A 2008 study from the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science concluded that in studies across various breeds of dogs, Portuguese Water Dogs are known to be extremely calm and not prone to attacks or aggression.

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