Out of the woods, and into her home they go! Taylor Swift shared behind-the-scenes footage from her Secret Sessions via Twitter on Thursday, Oct. 16. In short: that time Swift surprised several of her fans with private house parties to let them hear her upcoming fifth studio album 1989 a month before its actual release.

"Over the past year, Taylor Swift has scoured the internet in search of fans for top secret events taking place across the U.S. & UK," the video prefaces. "These became known as the 1989 Secret Sessions."

Swift, 24, set up get-togethers in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Rhode Island, and London for the special events. Fans were sent their specific date and location, but were otherwise kept in the dark.

In the clip, the "Out of the Woods" singer is seen making "bulk batches" of chocolate chip and toasted coconut cookies for her guests while wearing a red apron and her matching trademark lipstick.

"I'm going to be playing my fans the album first. We wanted to surprise them and they are here mingling," Swift says while hiding in a room at her mom's home, one of the chosen locations. "They know something is going on but I'm not sure that they know THIS is going on."

The singer then surprises each group and quickly gets comfortable with an iPod in hand, ready to start her first track. And...cue the black screen! 

Unfortunately, other Swift fans will just have to wait until Oct. 27 to hear 1989 for themselves."What happens in the Secret Sessions, STAYS in the Secret Sessions," the singer teases.

As for the feedback on her new album? All positive, of course!

Watch the video now!