'Teen Mom' Star Allegedly Choked by Her Mother

Credit: MTV

An 18 year-old star of MTV's reality hit Teen Mom was allegedly choked and hit by her mother on Saturday, Iowa's Daily Nonpareil reports.

According to police reports obtained by the newspaper, Farrah Abraham was involved in a heated, physical argument with her mother, Debra Danielson, who was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

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The pair fought in their Council Bluffs, Iowa home over "childcare issues and other problems," the Daily Nonpareil says. This led to Danielson, 54, throwing an MTV shirt at her daughter; the clothing item landed near Abraham's infant daughter Sophia, who began crying.

When Abraham yelled about the t-shirt, her mother allegedly grabbed her by the throat and then "struck her on the right side of the head and her mouth." The report notes that Abraham had "multiple cuts" on her lips.

A former cheerleader, Abraham is one of four teen moms profiled on MTV's new reality series; her hectic life with baby Sophia (whose father is out of the picture) and her mother Danielson are documented on the show.