The '80s called and they're loving Ashlee Simpson's look! The 29-year-old singer landed at LAX airport on Sunday, March 16, looking like a blast from the past.

For her casual airplane attire, Simpson accessorized her simple tan coat and skinny jeans with a wide-brimmed black hat. She also wore two skinny braids on either side of her face.

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Having a case of deja vu? The look is eerily similar to '80s singer Boy George's style. The gender-bending Culture Club frontman, now 52, was known for wearing a black hat with long plaits.

Growing up, Simpson favored a different popular '80s style. At the launch of her Fall 2013 collection with big sister Jessica last July, Simpson told Us Weekly she was in charge of the tween line. "It's so important because fashion really starts during those years," she told Us. "I think I started with hammer pants . . . in kindergarten I loved hammer pants."

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Ashlee Simpson vs. Boy George: Who Wore It Best?

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Ashlee Simpson vs. Boy George: Who Wore It Best?