How to Dress as Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Lady Gaga for Halloween

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Does thinking of a Halloween costume cause more fright than excitement? Fear not with these celebrity-inspired costume ideas.

Kim Kardashian

Skip the silver paint and dress as the stylish reality star with an all-black ensemble plus thigh-high boots and sunglasses. Fake Kim’s long, black locks with this wig ($40). Add shopping bags from designer boutiques (including Dash) to finish the look.

Complete the look:

Enlist an entourage of friends to constantly take "Kim's" picture for the night.

Justin Bieber

Make all teenage girls in a five-mile radius erupt in fanatical screams with a Bieber costume. Wear a white tshirt and zip-up hoodie, jeans, Converse sneakers, plus the oh-so important Bieber 'do ($12).

Compete the look:

Download a ringtone of girls screaming to play for every entrance into a party or room.

Steven Slater (The Angry Steward)

Honor the year's most dramatic storm-off as Steven Slater ($40), the JetBlue flight attendant who slid down the plane's emergency evacuation chute in a huff (with a handful of beer, natch).

Complete the look:

Carry a six pack of beer.


Go guidette on with a short, tight dress, oversized sunglasses, and a Snooki wig ($20). Or use a Bumpit ($10) to give your own hair a boost.

Complete the look:

Carry a list of "must-haves" for the ideal mate (include tan, guido, juicehead, isn't a jerk-off, and nympho).

The Situation

Create a Situation at every party. First apply a few coats of self-tanner. Then when it's "t-shirt time," throw on a muscle tee and jeans with waxed hair.

Complete the look:

Fake a six-pack with the Muscle Chest ($30)

Harry Potter

While Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is set for a release in November, Potterphiles can honor The Boy Who Lived with this costume kit ($25) that comes with eyeglasses, a hooded robe, and wand.

Complete the look:

Make Butter Beer labels that fit over a regular brew bottle. Try this free download at

Lady Gaga

In the video for Poker Face, Lady Gaga wears a futuristic blue swimsuit with a plunging neckline ($50). Make sure to remember the blonde wig ($20) and blue gloves ($13).

Complete the look:

Incorporate Gaga's choreography into every conversation.

Antoine Dodson

The YouTube sensation behind the catchphrase "Hide ya kids, hide ya wife" releases his first-ever Halloween costume ($25), complete with wig, bandana, and black tank top.

Complete the look:

Carry a news microphone to reenact Dodson's warning to the intruder who broke in to his sister’s bedroom.


Wear head-to-toe blue or splurge for the costume ($35). Don't forget the wig ($19).

Complete the look:

Carry an English -Na'vi dictionary. (Just cover a small book and add a DIY label.)

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