Spring Style Trendwatch: Crocs Go Couture

Crocs is going where you simply didn't expect them to go...sleek and streamlined. They are a brand after all.

Not everything is based around the super wide body, hole-ridden, jibbitz encrusted clog that's loved by infants and toddlers and mommies -- the new shoes on the block have a slimmer silhouette, pretty colors and styles that everyone will love and take notice of.

Style & Beauty expert Jenn Falik stopped by to explain the new shift, style and direction of Croc's newest venture: the pretty skimmer translucent Crocs.

You will love the style that resembles a 1970's style lattice woven jellie and the lovely ballerina-esque slip on. The soles are padded and breathe and will work with everything in your Spring/Summer wardrobe. There is a bit of a lift in the shoe, so you won't be too flat to the ground.

A short skirt or shorts will be perfect for these. Give your feet a break every once in a while-step down from platforms and wedges and clogs and step into something that's actually chic and comfortable!

By Sasha Charnin Morrison for UsMagazine.com. To read more of the Recessionista blog, click here.