25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Dave Grohl

Entertainment Apr. 13, 2011 AT 9:18AM
25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Dave Grohl Credit: Jim Dyson/Getty

Dave Grohl, 42, (the new Foo Fighters album Wasting Light, is out now) shares the 25 things you don't know about him with UsMagazine.com.

1. I love skeet shooting. (And I'm a damn good shot.)

2. I still listen to Ace of Base.

3. My entire life, I've had the same recurring dream about a house I've never been to.

4. I was VP of my freshman class in high school.

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5. I also did the morning announcements.

6. When I was young, my spine was crooked, so for years I had to wear a lift on my left shoe.

7. I never took lessons to play the drums. I learned to play on pillows in my bedroom.

8. I try to go mountain biking five days a week.

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9. My favorite drink is Brennivin Icelandic schnapps.

10. Lacrosse was my favorite sport growing up. I was a goalie for years.

11. I dropped out of high school to start touring with a band at 17. I've toured almost every year since.

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12. I can speak with a whistle. (It's really hard to explain. You have to hear it.)

13. My parents almost named me Hans. So my nickname as a child was "Hans Grohlo." (It was the '70s.)

14. I believe in UFOs.

15. I love assembling Ikea furniture.

16. I hate talking on the phone.

17. I was a professional theater actor as a kid.

18. I also worked at Shakey's pizza.

19. I was the fifth drummer of Nirvana.

20. I am really, really, really good at Whack-a-Mole.

21. I listen to old-school disco every morning with my kids, Violet, 5, and Harper, 2.

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22. I used to wear long johns under my jeans because I thought I was too skinny. (Not a problem anymore.)

23. My hero as a child was Jim Craig, the legendary hockey goalie from the 1980 U.S. Olympic team. I had a chance to meet him before I performed at the 2002 winter Olympics. It made my night.

24. My main method of transportation is motorcycle (weather permitting).

25. I still say small, medium and large at Starbucks. Those Italian words confuse me.

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