Anna Faris, Kristen Wiig Fawn Over Guys "With Yellow Teeth" in Saturday Night Live Skit

Fast track to funny?

In a Saturday Night Live sketch, Kristen Wiig and host Anna Faris lose their cool over a Ferrari calendar, but it's not the expensive cars that turn them on: it's the unkempt men posing beside them!

"Look how freaking' gorgeous this guy is," Faris, 34, moans.

"He is exactly my type!" Wiig, 38, gushes. "So much attitude. Square jaw dark glasses white sneakers."

"Fitted light jeans rolled above the shoe, half his mouth covered up by his popped collar," Farris adds.

"Yellow teeth! God, kiss me now. I can't take it!" Wiig moans.

Little do the women know their calendar boy is a lot closer than they think. Watch Faris and Wiig's hilarious sketch in the clip above.