President Obama Remakes Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk," Watch the Viral Video!

Move over Bruno Mars, there's a new kid in town!

Turns out when Barack Obama's not busy making State of the Union addresses and meeting foreign dignitaries, he’s been practicing his lip-syncing — and his attempts at the latest Bruno Mars hit are impressive!

Alright, maybe the President wasn't actually involved in the making of this funny new video, but the Obama version of Mars and Mark Ronson's hit "Uptown Funk," is the latest offering from popular YouTube channel Barackdubs, and it's a must-see recording.

The clever editing has created an awesome illusion, and Obama's "hot damns” have, quite rightly, taken the Internet by storm.

Ronson and Mars' hit single has already soared to the top of the charts, but there's no denying a bit of Presidential support has got to be good for business.

Other songs already to receive the Barackdubs treatment are Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This."

Watch the hilarious video above!