Chewbacca to Guest Star on Glee's Christmas Episode!

Credit: Lockerz

Things are getting pretty hairy on the set of Glee.

The holiday episode, which airs next Tuesday, will feature one of the show's most surprising guest stars ever: Chewbacca from Star Wars

Matthew Morrison confirmed the news on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "We called up George Lucas and he gave us Chewbacca. There is only one guy who can officially be Chewbacca, and he lives in Northern California and they flew him in," the 33-year-old actor, who also directed the episode, explained. "We had Chewbacca for the day, and it was just great, and we were all taking pictures with him." 

According to the actor, the holiday show will be an episode-within-an episode. "We're doing a Christmas special within the episode of Glee," Morrison explained. "It's a throwback and a tribute to the Star Wars holiday special and the Judy Garland Christmas special."

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