DJ Megatron, 32, Shot and Killed in NYC

Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Radio and TV personality DJ Megatron was shot to death in Staten Island, New York early Sunday morning, his manager Justin Kirkland, aka J. Smoove, told the Associated Press.

Police found the 32-year-old What's Good host dead with a gunshot wound to the chest, reports AP; no arrests have been made. Megatron had been heading to a store near his home around 2.a.m, said Kirkland.

"He probably had one of the best personalities around, super-positive, happy all the time," Kirkland said, adding he had no idea who committed the crime.

Born Corey McGriff, Megatron began his radio career at New York's Kiss FM. He appeared in movies including State Property 2. He is survived by his three children.