Eddie Cibrian Stripped Down to His Underwear for Movie Audition

Entertainment Sep. 29, 2011 AT 10:12AM
Eddie Cibrian Stripped Down to His Underwear for Movie Audition Credit: David M. Russell/Rachael Ray Show

Eddie Cibrian sure knows how to play to his strengths when it counts!

In a new interview with Rachael Ray airing on her talk show Friday, LeAnn Rimes' hubby reveals the strangest thing he ever did to snag an acting gig.

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To audition for his 1998 appearance in Living Out Loud, Cibrian, 38, dressed to impress -- then quickly doffed his duds.

"I played a masseuse in there that had to get basically down to his underwear, so I got down to my underwear in the audition," Cibrian tells Ray. This time around, Cibrian says, scoring the gig had little to do with his acting talents.

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"[My Living Out Loud costar] Danny DeVito told me the story later. He goes 'you know how you got hired? When you took off your pants, the camera girl [gave you the once over], looked back up and we knew that [character] was you.'"

Remembers Cibrian, 13 years later: "That was strange."

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These days, Cibrian is still oozing sex appeal for his role on NBC's The Playboy Club and recently went half-naked to shoot a print campaign as the spokesman for Charisma bath and bedding products.

"Being half-naked is incredibly uncomfortable," he admitted at the time of his Charisma shoot. "Especially with everybody around watching you! But... [photographers] give you encouragement. [They say], 'My god, that's great! Man, that's beautiful. It looks great. Man, those sheets look good. Those towels look good.'" It's like wait! What about me?"

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