Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Undercover, Gives People Facials, Spray Tans

She’s full of surprises! Gwyneth Paltrow went undercover and posed as a facialist, a spray tanner and a waitress during an episode of Derek Blasberg’s show for Vanity Fair, Derek Does Stuff With a Friend.

The Goop founder, 44, picked Southern California hot spots using her recently relaunched recommendation app, G. Spotting. “I was a little nervous going into it because practical jokes and pranks make me nervous,” Paltrow said. “I just don’t like them period.”

At the first spot, Paltrow put on a Romanian accent to pose as renowned facialist “Gwendoliere.” She applied a mask and gave a head massage to an unsuspecting customer; the massage went surprisingly well compared with Blasberg’s attempt. 

Then, the Oscar winner hilariously fumbled with the spray-tan machine at the second stop — and the customer wasn’t too pleased that her back was very streaky.

“I was spraying her, and it was dripping all over the place. Then I was worried that it was really going to go wrong. 'What if she’s upset? What if she hates Gwyneth Paltrow and if she would look like Donald Trump?'” Paltrow joked.

Finally, during the third prank, the Iron Man actress transformed into a waitress at an organic restaurant. “This was my favorite one,” Paltrow said. “Barely anyone looked at me when I put down the pizza. I had to keep going back and back and back and being more and more invasive in order to get them to see that it was me."

Watch the LOL segment above to see all three of her pranks!

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