Jaime Primak Sullivan: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan shares 25 things about herself with Us Weekly. Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Not your garden-variety list! Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan, 37 — whose Bravo series airs Monday nights at 10 PM — gives Us Weekly a few pieces of her mind.

1. I sucked my thumb until I was 20.
2. I was a bully in high school and it keeps me up at night.
3. I hate pillows and prefer to sleep flat on a mattress.
4. My two food obsessions are dried mango and corn nuts.

5. I met Oprah and couldn’t think of anything to say so she let me collect myself and try again.
6. I hid in the bushes at a golf event to meet Andy Garcia because my mother loves him.
7. Jersey Belle was my concept and I am a creative producer on the show.
8. In my previous life I taught Special Education and coached cheerleading in NJ.
9. My favorite band is Bon Jovi… no shock there.
10. I have a major foot fetish.
11. I only need to hear a song once and will know every word forever.
12. I taught myself how to speak fluent Spanish.
13. I am a true hip hop head.

14. When I met Britney Spears I teased her about getting pregnant again so soon after her 1st son was born, then the same exact thing happened to me.

. I only wash my hair once a week.
16. I have lived in the south for 7 years and am still homesick for NJ every day.
17. My new year’s resolution every year is to curse less.
18. I would shave 5 years off my life for a bigger booty.
19. I still remember every word to my Torah portion from my Bat Mitzvah.

20. I now understand that when a southern woman says “Bless Your Heart”, it’s not a good thing.
21. I believe that women who are having good sex have an obligation to spread their joy with other women.
22. Mariah Carey and I both refer to our children as “Dem Babies”.

23. The first film concept I ever sold was a horror film.
24. Pink was the first celebrity friend I made in Los Angeles.

25. My PR company, Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment, is named after what Manhattanites call people from New Jersey.