Woe is you, reality stars!

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi broke off their engagement in 2010, but the bitter exes have to put their differences aside for the sake of competition on Bachelor Pad 2. In the clip above, Pavelka, a 33-year-old pilot, tries to ally with his ex-fiancee as an "absolute last resort" to remain in the competition.

"I'm not exactly sure what she's telling the other girls," he says, knowing an untrustworthy reputation would squash his chances of winning the $250,000 prize. 

"Things that he's done to me are unforgivable," Girardi, 25, vents to fellow contestants. "It's been a year. I'm strong, I'm happy, and I don't wanna deal with it anymore." 

But before Girardi can move on to her next thought, Pavelka enters the room and makes his desperate plea. 

Watch more of Jake and Vienna's tense interactions, and check out the full episode of Bachelor Pad 2 Monday at 8 p.m. (EST) on ABC.