Jimmy Kimmel Live's NBA-Themed Mean Tweets Sketch Features Kris Humphries, Dwight Howard: Watch Now

Entertainment Jun. 16, 2014 AT 9:10AM

How's this for good sportsmanship? In honor of the NBA Finals on Sunday, June 15, basketball stars including Kris Humphries, Amar'e Stoudemire, Dwight Howard, and Jeremy Lin took part in Jimmy Kimmel Live's popular recurring "Mean Tweets" sketch.

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The two-minute segment featured current and former NBA players, plus a sports columnist, reading insults written about them on Twitter. Sample tweet? "@KrisHumphries **** YOU! You're so pathetic! Seriously kill yourself please. XX"

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Some of the athletes simply read the tweets out loud. Others—like Houston Rockets point guard Lin—read the tweets and then offered a snappy retort. (Watch Lin's hilarious comeback above!) 

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry and Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins, meanwhile, cracked up reading the tweets about themselves. "Damarcus Cousins is a emotional lesbian," Cousins said, laughing. 

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The sketch aired as part of the primetime special Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night, which followed ABC's telecast of the NBA Finals' Game 5, in which the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat to win their fifth championship.

Watch the video above to see Humphries, Stoudemire, Howard, Lin, Curry, Cousins, and other players including Michael Carter-Williams, Paul George, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, and Nate Robinson read mean tweets about themselves!

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