John Stamos "Working on" Full House Movie

The Tanner family: coming to a big screen near you?

John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the show from 1987 to 1995, says he's "working on a movie idea." Don't expect Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen and the original gang back, though.

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"It wouldn't be us playing us," Stamos tells New York's Daily News. "I'm not 100 percent sure, but it would probably take place in the first few years [of the sitcom]." Stamos, who has since starred on ER, has a few actors in mind to play the lead roles.

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James Franco would be perfect as Uncle Jesse, he says. "I see Steve Carell as Danny Tanner [originally played by Bob Saget] and Tracy Morgan as Joey Gladstone [originated by Dave Coulier] because he's funny," Stamos continues. And just because recasting the movie doesn't mean Stamos (a spokesperson for Project Cuddle, a charity to prevent infants from being abandoned) isn't tight with his former costars.

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"We're all very close," he said. "I saw Ashley [Olsen] a couple weeks ago. Bob and Dave, I see a lot."