Jonathan Lipnicki of Jerry Maguire Fame Stars in Hilarious "You Used to Be Cute" Child Star Sketch

He's back! Eighteen years after he informed the public that the human head weighs 8 pounds in Jerry Maguire, Jonathan Lipnicki is recognizing his child star days in a hilarious new video. 

The grown-up actor, now 23, starred in a new comedy sketch called "You Used to Be Cute," which debuted this week. The clip opens with Lipnicki reading an emotional monologue for an audition, crying as he recites lines from a script. 

The three casting agents he is in front of applaud his performance, repeating "wow" and congratulating Lipnicki on "great stuff." 

Unfortunately for the former child star, the audition quickly falls apart as the agents project stories and stereotypes on him, mentioning "the whole drug addiction thing," an incident of "punching that paparazzi in the face," and legal troubles.

While the agents in the sketch suggested otherwise, the real-life Lipnicki stayed out of trouble after his rise to fame. He made his debut at the ripe age of 6 in 1996's Jerry Maguire alongside Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger as the adorable little boy Ray Boyd. 

Lipnicki went on to star in 1999's Stuart Little, also making appearances in Dawson's Creek, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, and Meego as a kid. 

Watch the hilarious "You Used to Be Cute" sketch in the video above!