LOL! Watch Jason Segel Make Out With Paul Rudd on Saturday Night Live

Jason Segel wasn't afraid to go all out for his Saturday Night Live debut.

During the Kissing Family Thanksgiving sketch, the 31-year-old Muppets star introduced his girlfriend (Vanessa Bayer) to his overly affectionate family, the Vogelchecks.

After repeatedly kissing his mother (Kristen Wiig), his father (Fred Armisen) and his brother (Bill Hader) -- thus making Lucy uncomfortable -- Segel's character turned his attention to his other brother, played by Paul Rudd.

"Sorry I'm late," Rudd's character said toward the end of the sketch. "How was your flight, man?"

Before he could get a proper answer, Segel told him to "shut up" and began aggressively making out with the 42-year-old actor.

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