Married to Medicine's Lisa Nicole Cloud Explodes at Toya Bush-Harris on Spa Trip: 'You Don't Run Me, Bitch!'

Not the most relaxing spa visit. Married to Medicine's Lisa Nicole Cloud and Toya Bush-Harris go at it over a trip to the serenity room on the Friday, December 30, episode, as seen in Us Weekly's exclusive sneak peek.

The Bravo series' preview clip shows the ladies heading to a spa ahead of their Hawaii vacation. But things heat up when Bush-Harris picks a different treatment for each woman, and she isn't pleased when Simone Whitmore is chatting with Cloud instead of enjoying some serenity-room alone time.

"Honestly, let's be serious," Bush-Harris tells Cloud. "I made it abundantly clear that I needed Simone to get something specific, and for whatever reason, you chose to do [what you did]."

"Stop trying to control everybody, Toya," Cloud fires back. "It's annoying." And she tells the camera, "If Toya don't leave me alone, they going to have to do some ass rejuvenation because I'm going to put my foot in it if she don't back the hell up."

At that, Bush-Harris wants to know, "Why the f--k would you go in the room? Why would you do that? Nobody even want to f--k with you right now because of that. Seriously. I tried to take you where you was supposed to be, but instead you wanted to do what the f--k you wanted to do."

Cloud gets up to leave and shouts, "You don't run me, bitch! You don't."

Watch the heated clip above. Married to Medicine airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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