Jimmy Fallon is pulling out all the stops for his first week as host of the Tonight Show. On Thursday, Feb. 20, the 39-year-old comedian dressed up in drag as a teenage girl alongside actor Will Ferrell for a hilarious sketch called "Ew!" If that wasn't enough to get big ratings, the "girls" were also joined by First Lady Michelle Obama.

In the skit, Sara (Fallon) plays host of a teen talk show filmed in her basement. She is joined by BFF Stacy (Ferrell) and Mrs. Obama, who made an appearance to promote healthy eating and exercise.

After sharing a "triple hand hug," Sara comments: "Wow, Michelle, you're pretty strong. You could totally be in the Olympics."

"Well, thank you, Sara. I do try to exercise every day," Obama, 50, says.

"Really?" Stacy asks. "Because I think exercise is ew."

"Exercise is not ew," Obama says. "You just have to find an activity that is right for you. For example, I like to dance, play tennis, even do some push-ups."

The "ladies" then break out into a dance party before Sara's embarrassing stepdad Gary interrupts them. Watch the funny video above.