Review | Life As We Know It

Credit: Peter Iovino

Opens Friday 10/8

Us rating: **

Control-freak caterer Holly (Katherine Heigl) lives life as if it were a recipe that must be followed down to the teaspoon. Laid-back charmer Eric (Josh Duhamel) works as a sports TV director and treats women like worn jerseys. Then implausibly, when their mutual best friends die in a car crash, the opposites must move into the couple's Atlanta colonial and co-parent orphaned baby Sophie. The whole confection is heavier than it should be, alternately sour and too sweet, as Holly and Eric repel and then attract each other while adapting to parenthood. Duhamel comes off well, demonstrating easy comic timing, and Heigl is strong and likable as usual -- though she has played an uptight singleton too many times. In all, the movie is uneven: It has several good laughs but lazily piles up pop song- driven montages (like when the kid finally takes her first step) to cue emotion. Filled with unlikely scenarios -— down to the house they inherit, which looks like a designer showroom rather than place a child might live -- Life feels totally far-fetched.