Review | The Bachelorette


Airs: Monday 5/24

Us Rating: ***

Meet the new Ali Fedotowsky. The Massachusetts native, who famously ditched Jake Pavelka to keep her job at Facebook, implores in the show's intro: "I'm ready to meet someone and put him first." Still, she doesn’t initially show the sparkle of previous Bachelorettes. (An interminable explanation of her Bachelor exit doesn’t help -- save it for therapy!) But when she meets her 25 suitors and reveals
her easygoing charm, the heartpounding romance is on. It helps, of course, that the men are a lively and sexy bunch.

There's a cocky wrestler who goes by the moniker "Rated R," along with a hyped-up Houston weatherman and a guy with the nickname "Shooter" because...well, spoiling it here would just be a shame! In a cunning twist, host Chris Harrison admits that recent scandals have made contestants' motives suspect, so, just before the rose ceremony, he asks the guys to single out anyone seeking fame. Accusations fly, and Fedotowsky genuinely shocks with her reaction. After all, this show only works when things get thorny. (ABC, 9 P.M.)

--John Griffiths