Review | The Help

Credit: Dale Robinette

Opens: Wednesday 8/10

Us Rating: ****

Spunky rising star Emma Stone scores in this big-hearted, crowd-pleasing chick flick based on the smash 2009 novel about race relations. Recent college grad Skeeter (Stone) returns to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962,  then writes a book about the lives of the African-American nannies who raised her and her friends. While Stone sparkles with intelligence, it's costar Viola Davis (Doubt) who truly moves the audience as a housekeeper who loves the plump white toddler she cares for, but who gets tormented by the girl's steely mother (Ahna O'Reilly). This compelling, complicated story about love and hatred across racial lines delivers an instant classic that's faithful the novel -- an will also inspire new fans.