Review | Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

Us Rating: ***

Airs: Sunday 6/13

This spinoff is like an intoxicating and refreshing mojito, minus the hangover. Picking up from the last round of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, sensible Kourtney Kardashian heads to Miami along with boyfriend Scott Disick and their baby, Mason, to give her boutique, Dash, a boost. (Seems the staff is AWOL and the dressing rooms are dirty.)

Her sis and business partner, Khloe, isn't as gung-ho. Translation: She gets trashed on tequila. The hijinks that ensue are engrossing (guess who arrives late to her own radio gig?), and the show's pulsating music and peppy pace make the viewers feel like they're whooping it up with the ladies themselves. Beyond the flash, it's enjoyable to see the siblings' give-and-take-relationship mature: Khloe's mea culpa to Kourtney is a nice moment. If only Khloe could convince her sister to dump Disick, who's so arrogant and short-fused he's flat-out uncomfortable to watch. Then Miami would be all fun in the sun. (E!, 10 p.m.)

--John Griffiths