Robin Williams' Simon Gets "Vapors" Over Sexy Client on The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams' Simon Gets "Vapors" Over Sexy Client on The Crazy Ones

For The Crazy Ones' Simon, the heat at the office of the Roberts & Roberts ad agency is getting too much to handle, and this time, Simon (Robin Williams) isn't just worried about a looming client deadline -- he's swooning over the client herself! In a hilarious sneak peek from the Thursday, Oct. 24 episode of The Crazy Ones, Simon struggles to maintain his composure in the presence of a sexy new international client.

Adding to the pressure? Simon double-booked himself with different clients for a voice-over session, and needs to beg his daughter Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her colleague Andrew (Hamish Linklater) to head into the studio without him.

"Whoa! Helena's here?! You'll just have to do the session by yourself. You've done it a thousand times before," Simon says as he starts to primp before his all-important meeting with Helena.

Later, Simon enlists pal Zach (James Wolk) to make sure he looks his best. "Does this make my eyes pop? I'm starting to get the vapors -- I need you to support me through this moment," a frazzled Simon tells him, feigning hysteria.

Zach's supportive reply? "Bluer than a Yankee boy's uniform! I've got you!"

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