LOL! See Selena Gomez Fall in Love With Painter Carl Blue in Fifty Shades of Grey Spoof

Looks like Justin Bieber's got some competition!

In a new Funny or Die video, "Fifty Shades of Blue," Bieber's love Selena Gomez finds herself inexplicably drawn to housepainter Carl Blue (played by Nick Kroll)--despite his persistent, phlegmy cough, forehead boils, and questionable hygiene.

Just before Blue's arrival, Gomez, 19, leafs through the hit erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

"Who is this gorgeous guy in front of me?" the actress wonders to herself in a voiceover as Blue stands on her doorstep. "His eyes were staring deep in to mine. I could feel my cheeks getting flushed."

"Smells like cat food in here," Blue interjects, coughing.

At one point, the head-over-heels actress follows Blue out to his van--and unsuccessfully attempts a seductive stare, wistfully chewing on her lip.

"Why are you biting your lip like that?" the oblivious workman asks, before tossing her a paint can. "Watch out--it'll start bleeding."

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