Will You Watch Heidi Montag's Big-Screen Debut?

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I'm curious enough to want to see her movie in the theater
10% 162
Maybe I'd catch it on DVD
20% 310
I want to avoid this thing entirely
69% 1075
Entertainment Mar. 17, 2010 AT 12:26PM
Will You Watch Heidi Montag's Big-Screen Debut? Credit: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

Did I hear this correctly? Heidi Montag is now making movies? It is, in fact, true.

On March 15, the Hills star -- who had 10 cosmetic procedures done on November 20 -- shot a cameo for a 2011 Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It. She Tweeted, "this is one of the best days of my life!!! getting icecream to celebrate." (Um, does Heidi really eat ice cream?)

Plus get this: it's actually a real movie, with costars including Jennifer Aniston and -- whoa -- Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman.

By Bradley Jacobs for UsMagazine.com

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