In search of some holiday hair inspo? Look no further than the jeweled updo a Dior Haute Couture–clad Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 movie premiere in Paris last November. “The inspiration came from the dress she had on — it was just very ethereal,” says the actress’ pro, Suave Professionals hairstylist Jenny Cho, who wove a Dana Rebecca Designs Jennifer Yamina delicate necklace into the look. "The less perfect this hairstyle is, the cooler it looks.”

Cho showed Us how to re-create the elegant style. Follow the steps below!

Here’s what you'll need: dry shampoo or sea salt spray, an accessory like a long, thin necklace, bobby pins, a hair tie and hairspray. 

1. Prep hair with dry shampoo or sea salt spray for texture.

2. Create a side part.

3. Starting on one side, section the top half into two and separate with fingers.

4. Affix accessory under the top half and incorporate the necklace into hair.

5. Make your first knot by looping one part over the other. Tie.

6. As you make the next knot, incorporate hair from each side following the hairline.

7. Keep the braid low and plait all the way down. Secure with a clear elastic.

8. On the other side, tease the roots, then repeat steps 3 through 7.

9. Crisscross ends and create a low bun that hits the nape. Pin to secure.

10. Lock in the style with hairspray.

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