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Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince: How to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds!

Dolvett Quince, trainer from "The Biggest Loser"
Dolvett Quince, trainer from "The Biggest Loser" 

Looking to make over your diet and fitness routine in order to lose those last 10 pesky pounds? As The Biggest Loser celebrates its newest, season 14 champ, Danni Allen — she dropped an amazing 121 lbs.! — Us Weekly enlisted red team trainer Dolvett Quince and Biggest Loser chef Devin Alexander to offer their best tips and tricks to slim down just in time for bikini season.

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"Don't be afraid of lifting weights. Nothing feels better than a nice toned body, so add weights to your routine and give it a try every 10 minutes between your cardio!" suggests Quince, who has also trained Justin Bieber. "This body confusion gives you a sexy, lean body!" In addition to lifting weights, Quince tells Us squats and lunges are go-to exercises to firm and tone your rear.

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Can't get to the gym? No problem! While warm weather vacations and weekends out of town may seem like a free pass to skip a workout, Quince urges women looking to get bikini ready to fit in sweat sessions whenever possible. "If you're on vacation, wake up every morning with a yoga routine or a run. Early morning workouts energize your day and give you that toned, lean feeling you can take with you all day," says the expert.

As enticing as eating out can be, chef Alexander recommends cooking at home as her top tip to stay in shape this spring. "When you rely on eating out, you can't control the add-ons that you don't even know they've put in your otherwise lean food," says Alexander, who has written five Biggest Loser cookbooks. "By making it a point to cook for yourself as often as possible, you never get surprised with 150 calories worth of butter in your egg white omelet or gourmet mustard that is almost as fattening as mayo!"

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While watching your waistline, Alexander tells Us it's important to also leave room in your calorie budget for those times when cravings strike. Her recommended treat allocation: About 200 calories per day. "A lot of people vow to be 'perfect' which sets them up for failure. By turning your sexy body goal into a challenge that allows for some fun indulgences, it's much easier to stick to it," the chef explains.

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Some of Alexander's go-to foods to stock your fridge with this spring include lean proteins, quinoa or brown rice and the tried-and-true veggies. But the key to slim down success isn't just having these items on hand — it's knowing how to prepare them and planning ahead. "Whether it's cooking a pile of lean protein and quinoa and chopping veggies on Sunday night so you're ready for the week, or stocking your desk or work fridge with healthy decadent snacks, being prepared is key," advises Alexander. "If you get stuck in a meeting through lunch and the only thing in the office is a pile of chocolate muffins, you're not likely to lose that muffin top!"

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