How to Mix Up Your Routine for Fall!

 Charles Eshelman/

Stuck in a rut with your workout routine? Want to switch it up for fall? Celeb trainer Brett Hoebel (clients include America Ferrera) gives Us a few ideas:

IF YOU…are a runner, try YOGA:

"The stretching will help balance out tight, overused muscles," says celeb trainer Brett Hoebel, who suggests classes twice a week.

IF YOU…don't like lifting weights, try GROUP FITNESS CLASSES LIKE KICKBOXING:

"You'll get a great full-body workout with the camaraderie of other people as motivation," Hoebel says, adding that you'll tone up all over.

IF YOU…hate crunches but want bikini-ready abs, try PILATES:

"Core-focused, it works out every ab muscle," says Hoebel, who trains America Ferrera and Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes. "Your mind and body are engaged, so it's a lot less boring than crunches."

IF YOU…like social activities, try SALSA OR SAMBA DANCING:

"Dance classes are a great form of cardio," Hoebel says. "They're social, burn lots of calories and are fun."

IF YOU…feel like you're bulking up, try SWIMMING:

Good form and steady laps "provide resistance to your entire body," says Hoebel. "It will sculpt lean muscle all over while burning off fat."

IF YOU…aren't a fan of fitness machines at the gym, try A MARTIAL ART LIKE CAPOEIRA:

This Afro-Brazilian martial art/dance combo "uses your own body weight for resistance and delivers a fun, full-body workout," says the trainer. Do three times a week.

IF YOU…feel your body has hit a plateau, CHANGE UP YOUR FITNESS REGIMEN:

"Shock your body by picking a completely new exercise every six weeks and you'll get results," says Hoebel. Or change up your current routine with intervals.

IF YOU…love being outside, try CYCLING:

Says Hoebel, "if you want to lose weight, it burns lots of calories and works major muscles like quads and glutes."

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