Fitness Blogger Shows That Instagram Is All Smoke and Mirrors: ‘Nobody’s Booty Looks Peachy From All Angles’

Instagram vs real life ??? If I saw the photo on the left a year ago I would've instantly thought so negatively about my body, that all my hard work from working out was non existent, that if someone looked at me they would've never thought I've been working out for 2 years and think I wasn't trying hard enough. But the thing is is that all bodies look different. Nobody's booty looks round and peachy from all angles. Nobody's body looks the same from all angles. Don't eat less or miss out on your favorite meals/drinks or over exercise to "look good for a holiday" or to "look good in bikini photos" because there will always be angles that are "unflattering" that might make you feel bad when you see them. Instead workout and eat healthy because it makes you feel good, not as a punishment. Start loving and accepting your body at all angles with all your "flaws", instead of trying to fit into societies image of 'beauty' because that image isn't inclusive of all individuals, which is so messed up. Don't hate yourself just because of bad photos, they do not define you as a person. You look the best when you're living life to the fullest and happiest. There's no point in missing out on things and stressing yourself out so much. Life isn't meant to be a competition on who can look the best and we should normalize not having to "look perfect" all the time because it's a ridiculous concept. You are perfect the way you are ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #instagramvsreallife #beforeandafter #lawofattraction #bodypositive #bekindtoyourself #lifeisgreat #dowhatyoulove #veganbooty #youareenough #progressnotperfection #bodyimage #vegansofig #girlswhoworkout #selflove #youarebeautiful #veganfitness #loa #fitnessjourney #bopo #bodyacceptance #bodyconfidence #effyourbeautystandards #bepresent #justbe #moderation #balanceddiet #staypositive #thinkpositive

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Finnish fitness blogger Sara Puhto is all about keeping it real. On July 8, she shared side-by-side photos of herself in workout gear. In one image her back is arched and her arms up, in the other she’s shown not posing. The pictures look drastically different and yet they were taken only minutes apart.

Sara Puhto
Fitness Blogger Sara Puhto Courtesy Sara Puhto/Instagram

“Instagram vs real life,” Puhto began in a lengthy Instagram post. “Nobody’s booty looks round and peachy from all angles. Nobody’s body looks the same from all angles.”

The 20-year-old continued: “Don’t eat less or miss out on your favorite meals/drinks or over exercise to ‘look good for a holiday’ or to ‘look good in bikini photos’ because there will always be angles that . . . might make you feel bad when you see them. Instead workout and eat healthy because it makes you feel good, not as a punishment.”

Bikini body ?? I'm sure we've all had that feeling where you're feeling cute at the beach but then you sit down and all of a sudden feel insecure and don't know how to sit without your tummy feeling oddly too exposed. The other day I went to the beach and would have slight moments where I felt like people were looking at my tummy and these feelings of insecurity where I wanted to hide my tummy because "it didn't look good" sitting down. But I realised that I was being silly and ruining my time at the beach and not enjoying it fully just because of this small silly thing. You really shouldn't feel that way! Everyone looks like this when they sit down! Nobody is judging you and even if someone was then that's a reflection of their inner insecurities, not yours. You are not fat. We all have fat, especially on our tummies and it's completely normal. And that fat does not make you worth any less as a person! Nobody has abs or a flat tummy 24/7 when they sit down. Don't let this idea ruin your time because it's completely normal! If you want to wear a bikini, then wear it cause life's too short not to wear what you want!! You look amazing so wear it with confidence and you'll radiate beauty! ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #bikinibody #bodypositive #lawofattraction #beachtime #insecurities #bodyposi #fitnessmotivation #positiveenergy #manifest #bodyfat #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodyacceptance #selflove #bopowarrior #allbodiesarebeautiful #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #bopo #vegansofig #veganfitness #bbg #positivethinking #positivelife #positivemind #loveyourself #youareenough #youmatter

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Her inspiring post resonated with many women, racking up more than 12,500 likes and hundreds of comments. “Thank you for helping all of us on our way to happiness,” wrote on person, while another chimed in: “This is a message I needed to hear for sure.”

Instagram vs reality ? Just wanted to post a silly photo today because that's just the mood I'm in currently ? Before I'd never think about posting the photo on the right, but it's what I'm like 90% of the time, somewhere in a corner making weird faces and poses ? I usually get my boyfriend to take tons of photos of me for instagram and always have really odd silly ones that I end up ignoring and not posting ? Also I would've been really insecure about my armpit hair showing and my body not looking 'perfect', but I shouldn't care, it's how I naturally look! I am both of these people and neither is better than the other, just different forms of me. Nobody should be labeled as a Slut or hoe for posting photos similar to the left one, nor should they be labeled as gross for posting photos similar to the right. We're all just people doing our own thing, sometimes we wanna post photos where we feel great about ourselves, but don't forget about the silly "bad" looking ones too cause there isn't anything wrong with them!! They're a part of who you are and you should love it! Hope you all have an absolutely lovely Friday and an amazing start to the weekend! ?☀️ —————————————— . . . #lawofattraction #bodypositivity #beforeandafter #lifeisgreat #dowhatyoulove #natural #bodyhair #armpithair #progressnotperfection #bodyimage #bloating #bikinibody #vegansofig #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #weightlifting #selflove #youarebeautiful #veganfitness #loa #fitnessmotivation #honesty #screwthescale #weightlossjourney #beyou #beconfident #selfconfidence #embraceyourself #manifest #flaws

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Puhto, who used to eat just 1,000 calories a day, has been sharing snaps of her healthy transformation since adapting a vegan lifestyle in January 2016. “I restricted because I thought I’d lose weight that way. I was in the mindset that it didn’t matter what type of food I ate as long as as it was below 1,000 calories at the end of the day,” she previously told Us Weekly in November 2016. “Then I’d end up eating everything and anything every dinner and feel weak and hate myself. It was a vicious cycle that I will never go back to.”

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