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Hollywood’s Most Extreme Diets

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What are some of the drastic measures stars take to squeeze into red carpet gowns? A few bold-faced names recently broke their silence to

"I think the most extreme thing I've done is probably a coffee enema!" author and actress Holly Robinson Peete, 45, told Us at the Active for Life charity event in Culver City, Calif. last Friday. (When ingested rectally, the caffeine is believed to neutralize free radicals that have been linked to cause cancer.)

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"I lost about 10 pounds in… a couple of weeks," she said, adding that the procedure made her "hyper."

The weight "came right back though!" she said.

Peete told Us she's currently on a 21-day cleanse with her husband, one-time NFL quarterback Rodney Peete.

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"One week you eat vegan, another week you eat raw and then you juice," explained Peete of the Kathy Freston "Quantum Wellness Cleanse," of which Oprah Winfrey is also a fan. "It really does work. It's just very, very hard."

Former Access Hollywood anchor Nancy O'Dell, 43, told Us she lost seven pounds in 11 days by eating mostly egg whites and drinking protein shakes on the Isagenix cleanse. (Although once she just ate egg whites "for three days straight — they're great because they have no calories, they're all proteins, they are filling and I love the way they taste," she said.)

O'Dell says she prepares an organic vegetable soup by boiling low-sodium chicken broth, three onions, three garlic cloves and "every vegetable you can think of" — and then pureeing it before eating.

Former ER star Kellie Martin, 34, revealed she tried — and failed — at a cleanse Gwyneth Paltrow recommended on her Web site.

"I got through one day of it and then I said, 'This just isn't me. I can't sustain this,'" she admitted.

Some stars just resort to starving themselves. Ashley Greene, 22, told Us it was "really easy" to lose weight while filming New Moon.

"We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn't leave too much time to eat," she said.

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