Hilaria Baldwin’s Snacking Habits Are Surprisingly Relatable

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin  Steven Henry/Getty Images

Snack time! When it comes to her diet, Hilaria Baldwin, who just welcomed her fourth child, says like most moms, it’s all about eating her kids’ leftovers.

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“I think I’m a typical mom. I’m a busy mom and I’m a big snacker throughout the day, so I’ll do everything from leftovers from what my children did not eat, whether that’s like a half bowl of cereal or a banana or whatever,” the yoga instructor tells Us Weekly exclusively. “And you know, I’ll get them kale chips and quinoa chips and if they didn’t finish a bag of that, I’ll eat that, or half of a granola bar, whatever it is.”

The fitness expert, who gave birth to Romeo Alejandro David on May 17 with husband Alec Baldwin (they also share daughter Carmen, 4, and sons Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 20 months) tells Us that having only fast food options (literally!) at the moment is worth it. “I’m kind of fine with running around during the day and not sitting down and having a meal and just snacking, snacking, snacking until night when I can just focusing on having a meal,” The Living Clearly Method author reveals to Us.

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Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

When she does need to grab healthy bites on-the-go, Hilaria tells Us, “The things that I actually will get for myself in terms of snacks—pea protein. I like these bars and this shake called Orgain and I get them on Amazon and they’re very easy. If I’m getting, like, that sudden hunger and I need to eat now and I don’t have time to get a healthy snack, that’s like a bar that I get that I’ll eat regularly.” Another favorite of the 34-year-old: “Macro bars are really great as well. I’ll also eat salads throughout the day or hummus, I’m a big hummus person.” And of course, drinking plenty of water is crucial. “And then I have to stay really hydrated because I’m breastfeeding.”

The mom of four’s fitness routine is also currently completed in mini doses. “I do these little quick routines for my Instagram. It’s like, well OK, I have ten minutes. What can I do in ten minutes?,” she shares with Us. “I have so many little people who need me right now that I can’t necessarily, you know, go disappear for a long period of time.”

As for how her body bounced back so quickly, Hilaria says that it’s all about embracing a healthy lifestyle pre and post-baby. “Number one, I am somebody who is in shape before I get pregnant. I get in pregnant shape because it’s not my normal shape, obviously. I get bigger when I’m pregnant,” she notes. “But I stay in pregnant shape and I work really hard to be really strong and keep my circulation going.”

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Her postpartum workouts are also the secret to getting her physique back in shape. “I move my body very soon after pregnancy because it’s OK’d by my doctor. Every doctor says something different, but because I’m so active the rest of the time, I can just continue on, go have the baby and then continue on. And so I think people think that I am doing more than I’m actually doing, and a lot of it is just your body’s muscle memory of returning from having the baby back to your normal self when you no longer have a child inside of you.”

And while sweat sessions are part of her daily routine, the fitness expert says moderation is definitely key. “I have started jogging again, so jogging is a big one for me. I do a lot of barre a lot. I talk about Physique 57 a lot, I like them a lot, and I do a lot of yoga,” she tells Us. “But it’s not every day and it’s not for hours and hours a day.”

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