Jessica Simpson’s Gums “Under Attack” for Not Brushing: Dentist

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Chew on this.

NYC-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Laura Torrado tells that Jessica Simpson is at risk for all types of mouth calamities for only brushing her teeth three times a week, as she claimed to do on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.

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Day one after she skips her toothbrushing, "bacteria will slowly start to colonize and reproduce," Dr. Torrado tells Us. A sticky film of plaque could "physically injure gums and promote bone loss."

By day two of not brushing, "there will be an abundance of volatile sulfur compounds — the stuff that produces foul bad breath," Dr. Torrado warns.

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And forget kissing. "Bacteria specific to periodontal disease will be passed on to whoever she comes in contact with," says the dentist. "By now, not brushing your teeth will not only hurt you, but anybody that tries to get physically close to you!"

As for using a shirt to wipe the teeth clean, as Simpson, 28, says she does? That "won't be efficient enough," says Dr. Torrado. "The bristles of the toothbrush get under the crevice where the gum meet the tooth and remove plaque and bacteria. It has to be a mechanical action."

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Simpson claims to floss and use Listerine regularly.

"The high content of alcohol in Listerine will dry her gums even more and, being that these tissues are under bacterial attack from days of no brushing, it will probably have a worse effect than not using it at all," Dr. Torrado tells Us.

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But this is one toothbrush-free method the dentist endorses.

"Hopefully she likes to eat apples during the day. The fiber in it will act as a cleanse," she says.

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