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Celeb Trainer Amanda Kloots Gives Us an Actually Fun 6-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Celeb Trainer Amanda Kloots Gives Us an Actually Fun 6-Minute Jump Rope Workout
 Monica Schipper/Getty Images

If you’re anything like Us, you love a fast and fun workout. That’s why we asked celebrity trainer Amanda Kloots to put together a quick jump rope workout for Us.

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As the founder of the NYC-based class The Rope, Kloots knows skipping rope is an extremely effective, calorie-torching exercise. “With the jump rope you can do arms, abs and legs,” she tells Us. “It burns belly fat and it completely will change your upper body.” She considers herself living proof: “It cuts into your arms and abs like no other exercise that I’ve ever done,” adds the former Rockette and Broadway dancer. “I danced my entire life, the minute I started jump roping every day, I had arms and abs that I never had before. But it’s a complete full body workout from your calves all the way up. It’s just amazing.”

Celeb Trainer Amanda Kloots Gives Us an Actually Fun 6-Minute Jump Rope Workout
Fitness trainer and founder of The Rope Amanda Kloots Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Jumping rope — which fit stars like Jennifer Garner, LeAnn Rimes and Selena Gomez love to do — has the added benefit of being fun. “I was reading an article about how jump rope burns more calories than running and swimming,” she tells Us of her inspiration for creating the class. “I hate running and I hate swimming. And so I was like you know what? This jump rope seems like a good idea. So I started jump roping again. It’s so much fun and you can do all these fun tricks.” Your progress is also easy to track, adds the pro, who has a partnership with DairyPure Mix-Ins: “You just see yourself getting better and better every time you pick up the rope.”

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And since a jump rope is easy to pack, you can do a quick routine anywhere you travel. Here is Kloots’ suggestion for a quick, effective sequence for beginning jumpers:

First, set a clock for one minute. “Try to jump rope for the whole minute,” says Kloots. “The next minute, plank for a minute. Do that six times through.”

“Jumping rope and planking are two of the best workouts that you can do,” she explains. “It’s cardiovascular, and then when you’re in a plank, you’re literally working your entire body from your arms to your abs to your shoulders to your legs. You’re squeezing your booty, you’re working everything. So that’s just a quick six-minute jump, plank, jump, plank, jump, plank.”

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Her technical tip for good form: “Keep your elbows at your waist in a 90-degree angle. This creates the diameter, or the circle, when you’re jumping rope — circular movement,” she notes. “You gotta keep your arms at that 90-degree angle and your abs in tight, like somebody’s punching you in the stomach. Try to look like a boxer in the ring.”

The activity is especially great for the holiday season, when you may be squeezed for time — and seeking stress relief. “I think it’s really important to be happy when you’re working out,” the pro explains. “So I’m smiling, I’m giving a ton of energy. I always say give 110 percent. If you’re here, you might as well do it!”

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