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Kristen Bell: “I’m Going to Mommy” Daughters Lincoln and Delta This Summer, Plant a Garden

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
Kristen Bell shared her summertime plans with Us Weekly, saying she is "going to mommy" her daughters Lincoln, 2, and 5-month-old Delta, and "plant a big garden" together.

She's truly just like Us! House of Lies star Kristen Bell told Us Weekly exclusively that her summertime plans will involve time at home with her beautiful two daughters Lincoln, 2, and Delta, 5 months.

"I’m going to mommy them the whole summer," Bell, 34, told Us. "I’m going to take my girls out and about, and do crafts and art projects. We just got a bunch of plants at the farmers market and we’re going to plant a big garden this summer."

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Her husband, Dax Shepard, jumped into the conversation and shared the family's plans for Memorial Day Weekend. "And we’re motor-homing it this weekend for the holiday," the actor told Us, while his wife quipped: "That’s right, we’re motor-homing. We’re hitting the open road. Basically seeing how far we’re going to get."

Besides their adventurous-sounding excursion, Bell plans to be home with their kids in L.A. "We’re trying to have only one parent working at a time," she explained to Us. "Since I just finished Michelle Darnell, the movie with Melissa McCarthy, I’ll take the summer off and Dax will be working."

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Her summer will include a good deal of outdoor labor. "This is the first my husband’s hearing of it, but I’m getting in way over my head," Bell told Us of gardening. "This will not be a shock to him, because that’s how I like to do things, but I just get in a little too deep and I am planting 20 feet of strawberries along the side of our house… We have decided to plant a ton of strawberries in the back, and basically our property is lovely, but I’m over plants that don’t bear food we can eat. So, I’m pulling out some really pretty lantana and replacing it with strawberries. [In] front of the house, I’m putting in blueberry bushes, grapes, and raspberry bushes."

Her husband joked: "I don’t know if I want to advertise this, because if s— hits the fan in L.A., like a riot or an earthquake, people are going to come to our house to try to live off the land, I don’t know if I want this out there!"

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Bell said she would gladly welcome everyone with arms wide open. "I’m going to have so much food producing," she told Us. "Currently I have a tangerine tree, a lemon tree, two fig trees, an apple tree, and three different plum varieties. And now I’m going to add two garden beds of vegetables and berries…"

Shepard hilariously chimed in: "And a money tree called Frozen. It’s called a Frozen tree."

"Here’s my theory behind it," Bell told Us about her rooted obsession. "If I have just a beautiful bush in the front yard that has a flower on it? Great. It’s nice to look at as I’m walking in the house. But I’ve got a bush that may or may not have blueberries on it, best case scenario it has more blueberries than I can keep up with and I have gifts for friends. And worse case scenario, it’s just another pretty bush!"

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The multitasking mom said it will be a bonding opportunity with her little ones. "They are going to have little denim aprons, it’s going to be a whole thing!" she gushed to Us. "I’m hoping to teach Lincoln to garden — I don’t know if she’ll enjoy it. I really believe in following her lead so the things that interest me might not interest her but I want to follow what interests her, I think that provides a really healthy creative learning environment where kids thrive."

When she's not in the garden, Bell will be in her kitchen, playing with her nifty new Samsung gadgets that the couple is currently promoting in commercials. "As a multitasking mom, it is like living in the future," she told Us. "Because the feature of the fridge is there are drawers that you choose whether they’re a freezer or fridge… meaning, I could press a button on the outside of the fridge and start to thaw my breast milk that’s in there without taking it out. It’s so cool and so well thought out."

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