This Mom’s Story About Finding a Mouse in Her Son’s Bed Will Make You LOL 

Laura Mazza
Laura Mazza 

Brutally honest blogger Laura Mazza is no stranger to having her work go viral. But the 31-year-old set a personal record with her latest effort, which has racked up more than 193,000 likes and 113,000 shares since she shared it to her Facebook page on Wednesday, September 13.

“Today I saw a mouse in my son’s room. A mouse . . .I saw it and froze,” began the mom of Luca, 3, and Sophia, 18 months. Mazza was attempting to catch her breath when Sophia “decided to strut into the room with her toddler swag.” A panicked Mazza shooed her away. “I screamed no! And it wasn’t just any no. It was the loudest noooooooooooo I’ve ever made in my life,” she noted.

At that point Mazza decided it was time to call her husband Domenic. “This is ratatouille but smaller,” she wrote. “And he isn’t making some delicious soup, he’s gonna spray out pebble poo and make pebble poo and make babies everywhere and in my son’s ears and they’ll crawl in my mouth . . . mouse in my mouth!”

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Domenic suggested she “take it outside, or just kill it.” Mazza refused to do either, and demanded he come home. “This mouse is going to radio the rescuers and call his other mice friends to come and have a pebble poo party orgy,” she wrote. NOT ON MY WATCH MOUSE. Not on my watch.”

When Domenic refused to leave work, Mazza took matters back into her own hands and returned to Luca’s bedroom where the mouse was in the same spot. “I take a couple of swigs of whiskey and say, ‘Okay Laura, today is the day you will fight your biggest fear in life and remove a dead mouse from your house,” she shared. “I said this about 10 times in the mirror before and slapped myself a few times before I bolted down the door and went changing in like a knight in shining armor with a piece of paper screaming like the warrior woman I am and charge up onto this dead mouse in my house and I realize . . .”

She realized it was not a mouse.

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“It’s a tiny leopard . . . a tiny toy leopard,” Mazza wrote. “My husband got home 4 hours later and asked me how it went . . . I said, ‘Mate, I handled that s—t.’”

Mazza’s post, which included a photo of the “mouse,” has received 52,000 comments, with many people sharing their own critter-inspired stories. “Not only did we once have a mouse in our house . . . I woke up to it, at 3 a.m. under my shirt and scratching around my shoulder/chest,” recalled one person. “My husband flew out of bed because he thought I was being murdered, and my 3-year-old thought it was hilarious that daddy was chasing a mouse around with a hammer.”

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