Octo-Mom: I Might Have More Kids in the Future


Is 14 enough for the Octomom?

Maybe, maybe not.

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In a new interview for Good Morning America, Nadya Suleman doesn't dismiss the possibility of having more children.

"If I wanted to do it the traditional way and get married, that's like another chapter," Suleman, 34, tells GMA's Kate Snow of getting pregnant again — but the prospect of more mouths to feed at the moment makes her laugh.

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The mother, interviewed in her home in La Habra, Calif. as she gets her kids ready for bed, says that she typically sleeps two to three hours a night.

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She shares some staggering numbers: $1000 in food and 700 diapers per week, 4.5 gallons of milk and eight loads of laundry per day, and a team of five nannies costing $10,000 per month.

Which is why, Suleman says, she agreed to allow a film documentary crew to follow her around for a series of specials (not a reality TV show), including one that's already aired in the United Kingdom. Her payment: approximately $250,000 in the first year.

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"I'm dammed if I do and dammed if I don't," she tells potential critics. "Because if I don't do what I need to do in the media to take care of and support the kids, I can't take care of them."

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