Sisters Who Gave Birth Minutes Apart Share Before-and-After Photos 

Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan have been known as the “Sticky Sisters” since they were little girls. “It’s because we always stick together,” Talbott tells Us Weekly. On August 10, 2016, the inseparable siblings, who live just five minutes of each other in Salinas, California, experienced something that brought them even closer together: they gave birth minutes apart in the same hospital and they shared a doctor.

“It was really surreal,” Morgan, 30, told ABC News. “Corey was on her way to [take] photos for me [at the hospital] and I hadn’t seen her and I’m like, ‘Where is she? And she comes in fully gowned with her IV and she’s like, ‘I’m sorry, I have to have Ryatt! She’s coming!”

Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan
Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan

Morgan’s daughter, Indie arrived at 1:28 p.m. Talbott’s baby girl made her debut at 1:45 p.m. Morgan describes Indie as “assertive and social,” while Ryatt is “snuggly” and more reserved.

So Cute Photography

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“They have been together since day one,” Talbott, 32, tells Us. “They actually stood for the first time within five minutes of each other. They have a special bond and it’s so cute to watch them grow together. They will be connected for life.”

Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan
Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan So Cute Photography

And they’ll have plenty of photos to look back on when they’re older. The toddlers have their own Instagram account and they just celebrated their first birthday with a special photo shoot alongside their moms. In the pictures, Talbott and Morgan wear the same Sew Trendy maxis they wore for their maternity session!

Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan with Indie and Ryatt
Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan with Indie and Ryatt So Cute Photography

“The dresses definitely fit better this time!” Talbott tells Us. “We joked that we may do this now every birthday until the girls are 18.”

Talbott would love to share the pregnancy experience again. “It would be my sister’s fourth kid so she may be done. Just have to wait and see,” Talbott says. And Morgan agrees: “If were to have another, I would totally want to plan it if possible!”

Indie and Ryatt
Indie and Ryatt So Cute Photography

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Indeed, the sisters have been each other’s greatest support system. “Corey’s milk was slow to come in and I had an abundance. So at one point I was pumping for both babies while she established her milk supply,” says Morgan. “I knew how badly my sister wanted to keep RyRy on breast milk. It was really special that I was able to help her.”

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