Amy Schumer Hosts SNL, Bashes Kardashians and Gun Enthusiasts

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer tackled The Kardashians and Hillary Clinton in her monologue for Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Oct. 10. Courtesy NBC/SNL

Turns out, it is an exciting time in Hollywood for women after all! Amy Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Oct. 10, and the comedian didn’t hold back on her characteristic snide, tongue-in-cheek snipes, tackling everyone from the Kardashians to gun enthusiasts to Hillary Clinton.

“Everyone’s always asking me, ‘Amy, is it an exciting time for women in Hollywood? Is it? Is it an exciting time?’” she began her opening monologue. “And I’m like…no.” The Inside Amy Schumer actress detailed one story in which the little girl who plays her younger self in Trainwreck noted that they had similar cheeks.

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“I kind of leaned down and I just said, ‘Well, what does that mean, Devon?’” she demanded in a mock-angry tone, before laughing and admitting that the little girl’s admiration made her proud — and wonder about other females in Hollywood. 

Schumer, 34, then tackled the Kardashian sisters head-on.

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“We have to be a good role model for these little girls because who do they have? All they have, literally, is the Kardashians,” she said. “She doesn’t have a Malala poster in her room — trust me. Is that a great message for little girls? A whole family of women that take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion?”

Schumer also talked about once meeting Hillary Clinton at an event and asking the Democratic hopeful if she ever drank, and if so, what kinds of alcohol.

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“Vodka and beer and wine,” Clinton replied, according to Schumer. “But I don’t like tequila, I only drink it when my friends make me.”

“Who’s hazing Hillary Clinton?!” Schumer exclaimed.

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One standout skit included a PSA for guns with the tagline “Guns: We’re here to stay,” which included several seemingly touching scenes — including a romantic dinner date, a woman about to have a baby, and a father and son bonding together — peppered with gifted handguns and shotguns.

Another featured Schumer as a Delta Airlines flight attendant attempting to sing happy songs while the rest of the crew and cabin dissolved into chaos.

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